fireproofed - online archive

Constructional was conceived as architectural art installation using ceramic elements. They refer to the digitalisation of modern civil societies (the final form refers to a QR code) and our personal lives. It also refers to the necessity of clarity, structure, security and simplicity.

Organical represents ceramic bone-like structures. They refer to our physical and moral constitution, beauty and integrity but also the irrepressable laws of nature such as entropie, decay and death. The ceramic bones reflect the odds and ends, faded history.

Architectural represents ceramic installations referring to role of architecture and urban constructions. It may comprise beauty, design, luxury and comfort. It also provides protection, security and safety. The 'fenced' entities we believe they are are nonetheless open, fragile and amenable to all.
My inspiration? The human appearance.Entropy, disintegration, human bodies as relics, melancholy of death and decay. Those are my favorite themes. Maybe not the most cheerful, but hey, ... I'm smiling most of the time.
Kris Dekeijzer